Finke first timers Scott Darling from Canada and Navigator Drew Wilson from Melbourne drove Arctic Cat's Wildcat 1000 X Limited to a successful finish in this year's Finke Desert Race. The only changes to the vehicle were mandatory CAMs safety requirements. Otherwise the 1000cc V-Twin powered vehicle was completely stock including exhaust, wheels and tyres making it probably the lowest cost, production based vehicle in the event.

Australia's Finke Desert Race (June 8-9, 2014) is arguably the toughest test of man and machine with the tough, often high speed track, having a high attrition for cars and drivers. The race starts in Alice Springs with drivers completing a prologue sprint event to determine starting positions. They then race against the clock, setting off at 1 minute intervals as they commence their race south to Finke over 226km of red dust, soft sand hills and metre-deep whoops. Those that survive the day 1 race to Finke, then turn around and do it all again back to Alice Springs.

The successful entry of the Wildcat X Limited provided many firsts...

  • First Arctic Cat Wildcat to attempt the race.
  • First Arctic Cat Wildcat to finish the race.
  • First attempt at Finke by both Driver and Navigator.

The Wildcat proved his strength and performance surviving a gruelling 452km round trip (226km each way) completing the race with no mechanical issues whatsoever in a field that saw 42% of the field sidelined by accidents or mechanical failure. At the mid-point of the race in Finke, the usual checks were completed and nothing needed attention and no parts were replaced apart from a fresh air-cleaner. "We even inspected the drive belt for the CVT during our overnight stop at Finke as a precaution", said driver Scott Darling, "but we needn't have bothered. It was fine and we left it in. That's outstanding".

The Wildcat 1000 X and Wildcat 1000 X Limited are available for sale in Australia now. See www.arcticcataustralia for dealer locations.

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