• New model for 2014
  • Flexible 1699cc parallel twin delivers a torque rich spread of performance for minimum gear-shifting and optimum highway cruising
  • Ultra-wide wire-spoked wheels with the World's first white walled radial tyres
  • Shrouded forks, quick-detach windshield, detachable leather saddlebags and deep, custom-style mudguards
  • Advanced ergonomic refinement, including dual-layer foam seat with lumbar support
  • Two year unlimited mileage warranty as standard

Thunderbird LT

Triumph's new 2014 Thunderbird LT (Light Touring) is designed to make each and every journey the trip of a lifetime, transporting you with effortless power and style to new adventures with the easy-going, laid-back vibe of a premium classic touring cruiser.

Items that come as standard on the LT include a pair of removable leather saddle bags, auxiliary spot lamps and the World's first real white-walled radial motorcycle tyres riding on wide, wire-spoked rims. The ergonomics feature a completely redesigned, reshaped seat, with deeper foam padding and lumbar support for maximum comfort, while maintaining a low seat height to accommodate all sizes of rider.

These features are in addition to the LT's distinctive, charismatic parallel twin engine and class-leading chassis package that serves to underline Triumph's commitment to handling excellence and manageability.

Riders of all experience and riding styles will feel instantly at ease with the LT, able to relax and enjoy the ride for many thousands of miles to come.

The motive force at the heart of the new LT is the World's largest parallel twin motorcycle engine, as found in the existing Thunderbird Storm and based on the original Thunderbird.

At 1699cc, the LT's eight-valve DOHC motor produces 94PS at 5400rpm and a whopping 151Nm of torque at a lowly 3550rpm. The enormous thrust from its pair of saucer-sized forged pistons and uneven, long-stroke 270° firing interval create a classic big-twin feel, perfect for propelling the LT over long distances with a natural, easy-going groove.

Whether crossing continents or on a Sunday morning run, the LT's awesome engine potential is harnessed by a progressive throttle, highly accurate fuel mapping, cutting-edge sequential fuel injectors, a positive six-speed gearbox and a belt final drive for the convenience of low maintenance and long life. The result, from the top end of first gear to the bottom end of top gear, is unrivalled civility in its class.

While the LT's engine performance makes it easy on the miles, the engine's styling makes it easy on the eyes. Striking machined fins pick out the distinctive parallel twin shape, while chrome engine covers are offset against jet-black barrels and crankcases. A pair of wide, dramatically splayed exhaust pipes dominate the LT's front three-quarter profile with their classic 'header-run' following a straight line from the throttle bodies through to the headers. This styling detail echoes and amplifies Triumph's parallel twin heritage for all to see and admire.

And, as an aural accompaniment to the ride, the LT's tapered tri-oval exhaust cans aren't just built to look good, they're especially tuned to give a rewarding, rich sound.

Beyond its engine, the LT's strong visual appeal is enhanced by detailing which closely follows classic touring cruiser tradition. The comprehensive list of premium details embellishments includes broad chrome embellishers on the deep, two-piece front and rear mudguards, generous chrome highlights around the windshield and yokes, single front headlight and auxiliary spot lamps, massive wire-spoked wheels, one-off Triumph tank badges, white piping around the sumptuous seat, 1930s Art Deco-style rear indicator and LED tail light assemblies and twin hand-painted coach-lines decorating the two-tone tank and mudguard paint schemes.

And if we single-out one other detail for attention, it's the LT's eye-catching white-walled tyres. Unsatisfied with the inferior performance of standard cross-ply white-wall tyres, our engineers turned to British tyre manufacturer Avon with whom we jointly developed the World's first and only white-wall radial.

The overwhelming impact of the LT's design and styling integrity gives it instant kerb-side appeal to riders and non-riders alike. From the driveway to the open roads to the café at the end of a journey, the LT is always a talking point wherever it goes.

The Thunderbird LT remains true to Triumph's core value of outstanding handling in all situations. As the result of careful development work on its steering geometry, the LT confounds expectations and delivers light, neutral steering, low speed agility, yet maintains stability at all speeds and in all types of conditions. Combined with a great degree of manageability, it's an easy bike to ride for any rider.

The LT's steel tube spine frame, steel swingarm and optimised rake, trail and wheelbase figures maintain consistent, predictable steering characteristics alongside the dramatic look of fat-section 150/80 16-inch front and 180/70 16-inch rear tyres on wire 56-spoked rims. Shrouded 47mm Showa forks and twin 5-way preload adjustable Showa rear shocks provide excellent feedback with supple control to ensure a quality ride over the harshest surfaces, while ABS-enabled four-pot Nissin calipers on 310mm floating discs up front and a single Brembo caliper and 310mm disc at the rear give sensitive, yet powerful, braking under all conditions.

Built to impress over long distances, special attention has been paid to the LT's riding position and wind management to allow the rider to arrive feeling fresh and relaxed at their destination.

Both the rider and pillion seats are made from a dual-layer, dual-density foam which is soft and pliant on first feel but compresses to a firmer, more supportive resistance. The rider's seat is carefully shaped to distribute pressure evenly, with wide, flared sides and a dedicated lumbar support pad at the rear. The pillion seat and back-rest are similarly constructed from the same dual-layer, dual-density foam to ensure the passenger shares the same level of comfort. The seat cover material was chosen for its elasticity, always following the contours of the seat, retaining its shape and reducing uncomfortable high pressure spots.

The LT also comes with a look-over windshield made from 4.5mm thick, Quantum-coated polycarbonate developed to minimise buffeting. The shield is secured firmly in place by spring-loaded retainers yet, when unlocked, can be detached by hand in a matter of seconds to give a completely different look and feel to the bike.

The high quality rider and pillion foot-boards are made from chrome-plated, high-pressure die-cast aluminium, featuring replaceable skid plates and an adjustable heel/toe gear lever for the rider. Handlebars are slightly raised, sweeping back across the tank for a classic custom cruiser feel which delivers the bar grips at a sensible, comfortable angle. Wiring is routed through the bars to give the rider's eye-view a clean, unfussy look.

Finally, a classic touring cruiser needs high quality luggage. The LT again delivers with a pair of high-quality reinforced, genuine leather panniers fitted as standard. Fully featured for travelling, they include metal buckles hiding quick release clips, waterproof inner liners with carry handles, provision for a 12v accessory socket and a waterproof inner pocket for documents and wallet. They can be quickly removed if required and are especially designed to leave the LT looking good and without unsightly pannier frames.

Further practicalities include a coded key immobiliser, self-cancelling indicators, a massive 22 litres fuel tank with off-centre filler cap, and a well-appointed, tank-mounted dash console including classic analogue-style speedometer, a fuel gauge and an LCD with range-to-empty, twin trips, odometer and clock functions, conveniently scrollable via a handlebar-mounted button.

Available from authorised Triumph dealers in Spring 2014, the Thunderbird LT is available in two distinctive colour options.

Colour Options

  • Caspian Blue / Crystal White
  • Lava Red / Phantom Black

Accessories and Warranty

Part of the Thunderbird LT's attraction is its ability to be customised to the rider's personal taste and a wide array of accessories are available to tailor the bike to suit.

As with all new Triumph motorcycles, the Thunderbird LT comes with an unlimited mileage, two year factory warranty.

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