$19,990 Rideaway is only the beginning of this value packed feature. Triumph's Big Bore Parallel Twin 1600cc Thunderbird has long been heralded as one of the best performing and handling cruisers in the market.  Perfectly in situ of Australia's motorcycling playground, the Thunderbird, with its big loping engine delivers effortless power throughout the range with impressive 85bhp and 146Nm of Torque.

But don't pigeon hole this mile-muncher with its 6th gear overdrive to highway cruising, Triumph aspire to design bikes that test the boundaries of performance through more than just outright power. The Thunderbird offers incredible handling, braking and bottom end acceleration making this big bore beauty a commendable city slicker, nimble and manoeuvrable at low speeds with a whiting ability to slice through traffic or carve up the twisties.

If the $19,990 Rideaway price tag wasn't enough to peak your interest, Triumph are offering up to $1700 in added value with their Thunderbird Touring Packs.

2014 Triumph Thunderbird
$19,990 Rideaway
Free Fitted Leather Panniers
Free Fitted Quick Release Sissy Bar
Free Fitted Longhaul Pillion Backrest
Save over $1700!

2015 Triumph Thunderbird
$19,990 Rideaway
Free Fitted Leather Panniers
Save over $1,000!

Available in three colours:
Phantom Black
Caspian Blue & Phantom Black
Lava Red & Silver Frost

Offer Ends July 31st 2015.

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