With the chequered flag in his sights the former 500cc GP winner, Kevin Magee, approached the town of Wodonga VIC on the final leg of the APC Rally last Thursday.

Having departed Wodonga just 12 days prior and some 7500km ago, Magee and a group of 15 VIC based adventure riders had headed north through the Great Dividing Range tackling three days of slop, fog, mountain saddles and river crossings.

"In just the first few days I knew I was on the right bike, even in this tight and sloppy terrain the Tiger XC offered comfort and agility. Some of the boys on the singles pulled up tired at the end of a long day, I felt for them for those the long days ahead in the Outback." Magee reflected.

From Woodenbong in the north the pack headed west and deep into the Outback. Down into Cameron's Corner, past the old Cordillo Downs Sheep Station and up to Birdsville.

After a quick trip out to Big Red the boys headed South down past Mungerannie, Marree, Hawker, Yunta, Renmark and onto the sandy and wooped out Border Track.
Completing an enjoyable 140km section of the Hattah Desert Magee arrived at Ouyen, the end of day 12 and well aware that the chequered flag was in his sights. The rally is a planned 14 day event; one hearty day would see Magee and the rest of the VIC team, including three additional Triumph Tiger owners, across the line a day early.

Word quickly came around that friendly rival riders Andrew 'Clubby' Club and Steve 'Wolfy' Smith were a mere 200kms ahead at Swan Hill. The chase was on; Magee wasn't heading home without a fighting chance of lapping out a rival or two. Missing them by less than 30 minutes at Yarrawonga Magee caught, and effectively lapped team Clubby and Wolfy at Wodonga. Crossing the line one day under par, and two days before his 450cc dedicated mates would hit their home destination in South Sydney on Saturday night.

Magee road along side Triumph Australia's Brendon Roberts on a Tiger 800 XC that has well and truly stood the test of time. With a pinch over 25,000 off-road kilometres under its belt Brendon's bike has now completed two APC Rallies and more off road adventures in the hands of dairy farmer, Phil Hodgens, and the Motorbikin team.

"What a trip; a genuinely authentic experience. We were riding with a great crew offering each other a lot of support; the Triumph Tiger XC was superb. So much so, I'm riding it back to Sydney". Magee farewelled the group and hightailed it, sporting one very bald rear knobby back home to Sydney.

Congratulation to all the participants of the 2012 APC rally.

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